• Mon Kao Kaew Village

    Mon Kao Kaew Village

    "Clay kitchenware and the creation of food with the scent of the Earth."

    Let’s learn and get pleasure of molding clay kitchenware and cooking food with clay pan. The clay pots at Mon Kao Kaew Village are outstanding in its molding technique called “hand-smoothing”. The clay kitchenware at this village is unique with the fireproof property.

  • Ban Kuan Wualai Village

    Ban Kuan Wualai Village

    "Carrying on the wisdom of molding ancient water pot which fills the most delicious drinking water in the region."

    Let’s learn and get pleasure form molding water pot from clay at  Ban Kuan Wualai Village. The place carries on the ancient style of  molding water pot with the application of hand-rolling plate for the clay molding. Moisture on the surface of the pot grows mosses and makes the water pot attractive to visitors.

  • Par Tarn Village

    Par Tarn Village

    "Miracle of Smiling Clay in Lanna."

    Let’s touch the art of creating smiles onto the clay. Par Tarn village is famous in molding clay dolls. The dolls, both in human and animal shapes, are unique with smiles on their faces.

  • Muang Gung Village

    Muang Gung Village

    "Legend of Ancient Clay Bottles and Land of Clay Artistry"

    Let’s touch and learn the creative artistry of Lanna’s legendary pottery that still carries on the wisdom of molding ancient clay bottles, painting the pottery with red clay and shining the surface using stones.