About the Project

Lanna Handicraft Tourism

Lanna Handicraft Tourism is a project of Chiang Mai University aiming at carrying on Lanna Intellectuality inherited from generation to generation. There are various Lanna wisdoms but this project focuses on handicrafts. The combination between Lanna handicraft wisdom and tourism originates this handicraft tourism. Chiang Mai University develops the new tourism in 18 villages in Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Lampang covering 6 kinds of handicrafts; wood carvings, pottery, cloth weavings, Saa paper, silversmith's artistry and bamboo weavings. The handicraft tourism will not only make tourists enjoyed from visiting, observing handicraft activities and purchasing the products but also encourage them to practice making real handicrafts instructed by real craft masters in real places with real tools. The tourists will touch and learn making handicrafts from the beginning to progressive levels under close supervision from the craft masters who has worked on handicrafts for their whole lives. The tourists can bring back their own works as souvenirs to remind them that once in their lives they have experienced the making of handicrafts in legendary handicraft villages of Lanna.