Cloth Weavings

  • Nong Arb Chang village

    Nong Arb Chang village

    "The legend of hand-woven cotton that carries on the wisdom of yarn dyeing using natural materials"

    Let’s learn and get pleasure from yarn dyeing using natural materials and cotton weaving on wooden loom at Nong Arb Chang village. The village carries on the wisdom of Lanna style of yarn dyeing and weaving the pattern of applied “Mad Mee” onto the cotton sheet.

  • Nong Nguek Village

    Nong Nguek Village

    "Nong Nguek Village, the place to learn the wisdom of cloth weavings and Yorng culture"

    Let’s touch the life style of the Yorng people and learn the cloth weavings using hand loom at Nong Nguek Village, the place that carries on the Yorng culture. The village is outstanding in cotton weavings with the stitching technique on the lovers’ loom.  

  • Don Luang Village

    Don Luang Village

    "Carrying on the wisdom of cloth weaving and the creation of endless patterns on cotton fabrics with variety of cloth products."

    Let’s learn the art of cotton weaving using handloom at Don Luang Village. The village is outstanding in making patterns onto the cloth with ancient techniques of 2 to 8 heddles.

  • Mae Sarn Ban Tong Village

    Mae Sarn Ban Tong Village

    "Carrying on the artistry of ancient cloth weavings. The creation of brocade silk legend."

    Lets’ touch and learn the technique of Lanna brocade silk and cotton weavings. The village is the only place that specializes  in ancient weaving techniques for the production of legendary brocade silk and cotton.